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Die Cutting Machine

Product Name:
Automatic reel paper die cutting machine for paper cup paper box

Customers can choose different configurations according to their requirements. Shaft-less, high-pressure (embossing), load-bearing collection, different sizes (930*550, 1050*640…), there are all available.

Product Details



MODEL FD930*550
Die-Cutting Form Flat Pressing and Die-Cutting, Embossing and Creasing Machine
Degree of Automation Full-Automation
Customization Yes
Cutting Precision ±0.2mm
Rated Cutting Speed 90-117 sheets/minute
Max Cutting Speed 7200pcs/hr
Max Cutting Pressure 280T
Max Cutting Paper Size(W×L) 900mm*520mm(W×L)
Max Roll Diameter 1600mm
Max Width of Feeding Material 900mm
Suitable Paper Weight 120g-500g
Total Rate Of Machine 15KW
Main Motor Power 7.5KW
Overall Dimensions Around 5500m*2400m*1900m(L×W×H)