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Die punching machine

Product Name:
High speed automatic reel paper die punching machine for paper cup paper box

The max speed of this die punching machine can reach 320 times/min and the sound is very light when it is running. It is very suitable for some companies which has single product line.

Product Details

 Main technical parameters
Model FDC850
Cutting method Flat Die Cutting
Cutting precision ±0.20mm
Rated cutting speed  300-380times/min
Suitable Paper Weight 150-400g
Max Roll Paper diameter 1500mm
Air Consumption 0.2m³/min
Max Cutting Paper width 850mm
Total Motor Power 10kw
Machine  Dimensions 3.5m*1.7m*1.8m (L*W*H)
Total  Weight 3.5t

Electric Configuration List

1 PLC (DVP28SV11T2) Delta
2 PLC (DVP16SP) Delta
3 PLC (DVP04DA) Delta
4 Servo Motor (ASDA-3023-B2) Delta
5 Touch Screen (TK6070IQ) Weinview
6 Frequency Inverter (VFD055CB43A) Delta
7 Switch Schneider, Chint
8 Frequency Inverter (VFD015M43B-ZA) Delta
9 Servo Motor (ECMA-21830RS) Delta
10 Main Motor (HD) China TDT