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with stripping

Product Name:
Automatic reel paper die cutting machine with stripping

This full stripping die-cutting machine can get everything done at one time from raw material to the final product. No need to stripping by human hand , this design can shorten production time and raise efficiency of production and reduce labor costs.

Product Details

MODEL FD1100*780
Die-Cutting Form Flat Pressing and Die-Cutting, Embossing and Creasing Machine
Degree of Automation Full-Automation
Customization Yes
Cutting Precision ±0.15mm
Rated Cutting Speed 100-130 sheets/minute
Max Cutting Speed 7800 sheets/hr
Max Cutting Pressure 280T
Max Cutting Paper Size(W×L) 1060mm*730mm(W×L)
Min Cutting Paper Size(W×L) 490mm*350mm (W×L)
Max Roll Diameter 1600mm
Max Width of Feeding Material 1070mm
Suitable Paper Weight 180g-600g
Total Power 30KW
Main Motor 11Kw
Overall Dimensions  12.5m*4.5m*2m (L×W×H)
Total Weight Around 18T

Structure Device List

  Die Cutting Part Stripping Part
1 Die Cut Part Structure Upper Die Table (fixed table), Lower Die Table (lifting table), 2 Wallboard Receiving Part
2 Inter-Machine Transmission Device Worm Gear,Worm,
4 Legs Adjust Pressure Unit  
Stripping Part
3 Unwinding Roll Device Unwind Shaftless(hydraulic type) Collecting Part
4 Chopping Board NO.65 Manganese Steel  
5 Fixing Core Loading Paper    
Electric Configuration List

  Die Cutting Machine Stripping Parts
1 Main MotorY160M-4 Lichao Shanghai 7.5KW Servo Motor Yaskawa Japan
2 Servo Motor 4.4ACA61 Yaskawa Japan 3KW Variable Frequency Motor Siemens
3 Smart Sensor (Color Marks Sensor) Sick Germany 1.5KW Gear Reduce Motor Zhibao Taiwan
4 Touch Screen DOP-BO7S200 Wilen Frequency Converter Taida Taiwan
5 PLCDVP-16SP Taida Taiwan PLC Taida Taiwan
6 Traction Motor ZF32-2.253 Zhibao Taiwan Touch Screen Wilen
7 Frequency Converter VFD150CH43A-21/2.2WVFD-M Taida Taiwan Switch Schneider
8 Mainframe fly Wheel, Air Brake, Clutch Yuyi Shanghai Stepper Motor Lakeside Shenzhen
9 Switch Schneider, Omron